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Who are we?

We are publishing experts that take away the pain of design, formatting, and editing for aspiring writers. Writing a manuscript is hard work, but writing in itself is not sufficient to create a bestseller.

Here's why: before readers can read the first word of your book, what message is your book cover sending to them? Fanciful covers without the appropriate messaging defeats the purpose. And if your readers have decided to give you a chance, a poor reading experience due to less than industry-standard formatting and editing will lead to a low read-through rate for your future books.

Because we have done this over and over again, our design, formatting, and editing services are offered as click-and-buy services. It's just like playing with LEGO, where you pick exactly the blocks you want and put them together. You click on what you need, whether it's a book cover or proofreading, answer a few questions and then sit back and relax while we work.

Did we mention our service guarantee? We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that we will ensure that your book cover or manuscript is accepted, else we will re-work until it is. How does that sound? Our various publishing services have been crafted to deliver exactly what you need to get a bestseller published. Our entire process is hassle-free because we already know all the specifications.

Start-to-finish publishing services for bestselling authors

We offer our services under 3 categories - design, format, edit. When working with us, all you need to do is to tell us where you want to publish to. Leave the trim size, page bleed, height x width to us.


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If you click to the specific page of the publishing service that you require, you can see exactly we what we offer and at what price. 100% transparent upfront pricing. For further inquiries, send us an email at admin@end2endbooks.co (our email ends with CO not COM!)


You'll get 3 book cover concepts, with unlimited revisions until you get your final cover


Tell us if you want it on the Kindle, in PDF or otherwise, and we will format it to meet all publishing specifications


Grammar editing and proofreading with a zero spelling error guarantee