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Lucy Monroe
Lucy Monroe
USA Today bestseller & published on HarperCollins, with over 7 million copies in print

Our difference

We understand what looks good and, through a series of questions, are able to bring out what you had in mind and onto your book cover. Communicating design styles is not the easiest thing to do, but with experience we've managed to do this repeatedly.

Merlene's 5 star review testimonial

Many designers are self-trained (nothing wrong with that), but they may not fully understand the implications of colors and design when printed - again, leave this to us.

Shirley's 5 star review testimonial

Below is when we guided a first-time author on uploading. As an author, you're great at writing but understanding some of these uploading and printing processes is not something that everyone is great at. We help where we can, although it's not technically within our scope of work. When you succeed, we do too.

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Our designs are accepted by all major channels

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and we’ve also completed work for smaller/niche printers like Xulon Press, Silverfair, Eagle’s Nest Press so we can accommodate custom requirements as well.

How do we work?

  • Click on our order form
  • You will need to answer a set of questions regarding your book, so that we know what it is about, and also your design preferences
  • Your requirements and preferences will be provided to 3 different designers
  • At any part of the process above, we may ask further questions so as to clarify your thoughts and preferences
  • 3 designs will be presented to you, where we can mix and match the elements, remove/add things based on what you dislike/like
  • We will revise until you are satisfied with your final book cover design
  • The final source file and any additional design extras that you ordered will then be sent to you as well
  • Questions? Email admin@end2endbooks.co to clarify before starting. (note: there's no M, it's not a .com)

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Frequently asked questions

Do we own the design?

Yes you own the design. We only reserve the right to use your cover as a testimonial/proof of work.

How long does the process take?

We first take a couple of days to go through your order details to ensure that we have sufficient detail to start. Once we confirm that we do, the designers start work which takes around 3 days. No design work occurs on the weekend, but first drafts generally take about 1 week. Customer service will always be around.

What is a 3D mockup?

A 3D mockup is a picture that shows your book cover in a real-life setting. We have many 3D mockups that you can choose from, ranging from a simple mockup of a person holding and reading your book to a mockup of your book being on the bestsellers' shelf in a bookstore.

When do we need to order a book spine and back cover?

For eBooks, no book spine and back cover is required. This is only for print books. The only situation where you need a spine and back cover for an eBook is if you wish to have a mock up of the book so that it looks more realistic.

What are source files? Do you provide JPG/PSD files?

Source files are Photoshop (PSD) files. This is the file where you can open it and do work on/make adjustments. JPG files are used for digital displays such as websites/apps (basically anything online), which we provide. You will also get a PDF file that is used for printing real covers. If file types confuse you, rest assured that you'll get ALL the files necessary for your order. If you need it to print, we'll obviously provide a compatible file. All of them in high-quality too.

Do you sign NDAs?

For book covers, there is no need for NDAs because once the order is complete you get all the source files and you are the owner of the design. We do not disclose your book title or book summary for any reason at all, simply because our business is providing professional book publishing services such as design. We are not competing authors. If you do wish for us to sign one, just send it over to us and we will be happy to oblige.

Have any more questions?

Email your queries to us at admin@end2endbooks.co - note: our email is NOT a .com!